Campo del Oeste 2017


SUMMER SESSION 1: June 5th-30th, 2017

SUMMER SESSION 2: July 10th-28th, 2017


Thank you for your interest. We’re so excited for the summer!

Can’t wait until June? We have after school programs too!

My son really had a great time at camp. 🌟
Historically he would complain and find all sorts of reasons not to go to summer camp. Campo de Oeste changed that. I wanted to reach out to you right away and thank you. My son had a great time. This is the first time he has attended summer camp and asked me if he could return.  Based on my observations and feedback from my son, he was more engaged and involved in activities than he’s ever been in an organized program. He truly enjoyed himself and the experience. He was so proud to show his family the goodbye banner he received from his peers and staff. I can’t thank you enough, the staff and his peers for the lovely comments they wrote. A definite self-esteem builder for my son.
Come and discover the Sonoran Desert with us this summer!