Program Subjects & Methods:

We use tools, techniques, and methods that have been proven successful. With a diverse subjects, all campers find something to immerse themselves in. Below are descriptions of some of our methods.

Ranch Map
Desert Gardening

Spend camp developing practical garden skills, exploring plants, and discovering animals (# 3). Gardeners will learn about bird & butterfly, rain, and produce gardens. Explore Tucson’s rich community of gardeners and low-impact gardens. Learn to create desert friendly gardens, make nutritious meals from produce, & understand the role of local food in our planet’s health.

Nature-based Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts is the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of artistic media. The visual arts, poetry, movement, and drama, as well as music, come together to support the unfolding of each artist’s creative process. We encourage campers’ curiosity and foster self-empowerment & expression, community-building, connection to nature, and respect for all.

Sonoran Desert Environmental Science

In our outdoor classrooms, (# 5) campers learn about the local habitat, and the animals and plants that share Arizona. Scientists spend time participating in hands-on wildlife ecology, working with live animals, & learning about sustainability and the living machine. Campers learn positive decision-making in the real world & create a social awareness that benefits students throughout their lives.

Green Desert Hiker

Explore the beautiful desert landscape (# 4) with experienced hikers and adventurers. Campers learn valuable wilderness skills and develop essential life skills. This unique combination fosters an appreciation for the environment, develops self-esteem, instills a spirit of adventure, and promotes teamwork, friendship, and a sense of community through memorable wilderness experiences.

Natural Horse Personship

Our natural horse personship (# 1) provides an opportunity for campers to learn and practice horsemanship skills by creating a safe, willing, and natural partnership with horses. Campers will learn communication skills, understand how their actions impact others, and gain confidence. Campers can take horses for walks, our mini horses especially love the labyrinth (# 6), a maze for reflection and goal setting.

Local Knowledge

Building a community is, in part, about understanding the local history. There is a lot to learn from how people lived in our local environment. Through field trips & experiential projects, like adobe building (# 7) we learn how people worked with the land to survive and thrive in the desert.

Contingency Plan

Sometimes the weather is too hot, and rarely, too wet, to be outside. We have several air conditioned buildings (# 8) to provide safe inside activities when swimming (# 2) isn’t quite enough. Our experienced staff is trained to be aware of the needs of participants to stay happy and healthy in Arizona’s summer weather.