Youth Groups

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are excited to offer youth group opportunities. Campo del Oeste has various groups with many formats and focuses.

Check back frequently as we expand our programs to address community needs as identified.

 Adolescent Girls Healthy Relationship Group &Adolescent Boys Healthy Relationship Group: September – May

A holistic group that examines aspects of wellness and self-development through a unique, integrated equine, yoga, and expressive arts program. Responsibility, respect, & reciprocity are taught through cooperative team building, equine, & outdoor activities.

Creative Coping Group: TBA

Interactive skills training designed to teach expressive writing techniques that build strength, explore relationships, and investigate self-identity. Contact us if you’re interested.

Resiliency Group: TBA

Resiliency group designed to develop skills around critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. Activities are designed to teach leadership, communication, and participation. Contact us if you’re interested.